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Ecoboost Engine

(The revolutionary Ford EcoBoost engine is small, powerful and extremely efficient. Leveraging up to 120hp and with only 1.0l displacement, this turbo charged Ford engine gives high performance and fuel efficiency that is un-paralleled in previous Ford vehicles. The EcoBoost engine has been awarded International Engine of the Year.

So how exactly have Ford managed to offer less fuel consumption, lower C02 emissions but increasing the engines performance?

  • A split cooling system offers less fuel consumption and less exhaust fumes when the engine is still cold.
  • The cam-shafts drive belt is immersed in oil, reducing friction that leads to fuel savings
  • Variable valve timing optimizes gas flow through combustion chamber at all engine speeds
  • 2nd generation direct injector system offers denser fuel to air ratio. This means more efficient combustion and reduces fuel consumption
  • An all new exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head that lowers exhaust temperature and provides and optimum fuel to air ratio even at high speeds. Also saves weight and offers smoother engine operations
  • A Turbo charger provides strong low-end torque. This increases the torque and performance despite reduced displacement
  • Small low inertia rotors enable high torque with the absolute minimum delay during quick acceleration processes
  • An optimized crank shaft now produces less friction and contributes to increased efficiency
  • A two-stage variable displacement oil pump ensures optimum oil pressure through entire speed range
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