Individual application

Documentation Needed for Individual Application

Please note that the application for finance puts you under NO obligation to purchase or to take-up approved finance.


The National Credit Act changes the way credit is granted. The credit approval is now given

upon your monthly disposable income and the Credit Provider requires certain information

and the verification thereof by calling for the following:

Please send - an Individual Application Form.

Complete Individual Application with the following supporting documentation:

(Please note that this is a legal requirement)

· Bar-coded ID                                            

· Drivers License

· Proof of Income (Salary slip & 3 months bank statements)

· Proof of Physical Address (Water & Lights acc)

· Details of Bond

· Details of personal loan

· Details of Credit Card pmt

· Details of furniture store

· Details of overdraft pmts

· Details of Policy of insurance pmts

· Details of telephone pmts

· Details of transport costs

· Details of food and entertainment cost

· Detail of monthly education costs

· Details of household expenses

· Other pmts to be made regularly

· ANC document if married out of community of property

· If married in community op property please provide copy of spouses Id document and salary slip

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